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Our Promise

We offer Residential placements that can provide support to Young People using a Trauma-informed approach. This approach ensures continuity of care through positive Therapeutic and Behavioural approaches.

As a Social Worker stability, transparency and consistency for your Young People are vital. That’s why at SHS, we use systems and technology that are innovative enough to give you real-time access to records.

We guarantee:

Evidence-based outcomes and monitoring tools to measure young people’s journey and assist with the evolving care planning and forward-thinking approaches

Vetted, well trained and experienced staff

Transparency is core to our practice

Understanding of Attachment-Related Behaviours

Understanding of Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Understanding of Prevent, Protect and Restore approach (PPR)

Understanding of De-escalating techniques

Understanding of Salford Needs Assessment for Adolescents (SNASA)

Therapeutic Work

We have our own, in house Therapist. Dr Bhogal who is a Clinical Psychologist who has been working in the field of psychological assessment and intervention with children and adults since 2004.

In-house Therapist

Dr Bhogal’s continued commitment with Looked After Children come across in the many areas of her work she is attached to including working as a practitioner and external consultant for a variety of Local Authorities and Private Organizations. The Health and Care Professions Council regulates Dr Bhogal.

SHS works with Dr Bhogal to address particular difficulties as a result of trauma, abuse or neglect and placement difficulties of children whilst in residential care. Dr Bhogal is able to offer Assessments, Therapeutic work, Consultation and Training, to help children and our team.

Therapies offered:

Attachment based interventions

Dyadic Developmental psychotherapy (DDP)

Family systems work

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Psychodynamic therapy

Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy (REBT)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Resilience based work with children and young people

Our Support Consultants

Our support consultants are integral in developing assessments and measuring the outcomes of each intervention used in the Young Person’s health plan. The following therapies are also an integral part of our provision and can be commissioned depending on the needs of each Young Person.

SHS has a pool of individual therapists who have been vetted to draw on:

Music Therapy

Art Therapy


Talking Therapy

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What they Say about Us

I couldn’t be happier with the kind care that I received during my stay at Grove House. Staff are all delightful and could not have been nicer. I keep visiting the home and enjoy maintaining the positive relationships I have built over the years at this beautiful home. Thank you to all.
Previous Young Person
A positive culture and ethos in the home has developed, policies have been updated and all the requirements and recommendations from the previous inspection have been met. The home feels welcoming, the staff team is stable, and the children are happy and feel safe.

Extract from Ofsted Report 06/2019

Children’s risk assessments and behaviour management plans are detailed and are updated to reflect changes in risks and strategies. Staff implement the behaviour management strategies, which helps to reduce and manage risk and keep children safe.

Extract from Ofsted Report 06/2019

All staff where very welcoming!

Reg 44 Inspector, Ashleen T.

Very professional and welcoming!

Social Worker, Mark H.

Fantastic experience!

New Staff Member, Simon C.

The staff are professional and appropriately care for the young people, pleasant clean house.

Independent Responsible Officer, Kerry O.

An excellent care home that made my YP who was looking for a new placement smile as soon as he walked in, it’s warm and peaceful with caring staff who provide a safe and loving environment. I would not hesitate to recommend this home. Highly recommended.

Social Worker, Roy B.