Sherlock Homes

All our Homes are based in Birmingham, West Midlands.
We provide high quality homes that are maintained to high standards.
We are committed to the safeguarding of the Young People in our care.

Our Provisions

We provide Homes that are up to high standards. All our Homes are in Birmingham, West Midlands. We are committed to the Safeguarding of Young People in our care and to protect them from any form of neglect, physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse. We ensure we follow our Policies and Procedures as per regulations. Staff are familiar with and adhere to Child Protection protocols and will be prompt in raising a Child Protection concern.

Grove House

The Grove House is a beautiful large 4-bedroom Home. It comes with ample space at the back with a separate annex for activities. This home has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our Young People who live there, and we make further changes as Young People’s needs change or new Young Person moves in.

The White House

The White House is a beautiful 5-bedroom Home. It is located in a quiet area that is close to local amenities. The Home is in the district of Edgbaston, Birmingham. Shops, bus routes, leisure and community centres are all within a 2-mile radius. It is also approximately 7 minutes from the city of Birmingham.

Catherine De Barnes House

Catherine-de-Barnes House is an extensive 5-bedroom Home with a 2-bedroom Annex. It’s situated near Birmingham Airport. It offers an amazing front and back garden. This home was carefully designed to meet the needs of our Young People who live there.

Our Values


At Sherlock Healthcare Services we treat all with warmth, empathy and affection.


We focus on what’s right, not just what is required. Responsibility, accountability and improvability.


We team up for success and lead with dedication and discovery to “Raise the Standard of Care”


We embrace technology, creativity and collaborations to effectively achieve our goals.