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Sherlock Healthcare Admission Process

Admission to SHS is by application to the Registered Manager. Young People, who meet the age and admissions criteria, are introduced to the Home before moving in. The accompanying social worker should provide all necessary documentation regarding the Young Person before admission.

SHS aims to provide a safe, homely environment and focuses on the outcomes and needs of Young People. Education is paramount, and we promote 100 % attendance rates, encouraging them to live and share family values with other Young People and Staff.

Before each new Placement, the Young Person shall receive a Children’s Guide. At the commencement of each new Placement, the Registered Care Manager informs the Young Person about the house rules and boundaries and how the young person will be involved in settling within the Home.

Placement matching requirements

Referral Form

Risk Assessments

Delegation of Authority

Behaviour Support Plans

Education and Health Care Plans

Pathway or transition plan if applicable

Reports from other Professionals Involved


is rated


by Ofsted


Making contact with SHS is the first step to the referral process. You will be connected to our Registered Manager, and you will be able to discuss your client or family member in confidence with a professional who will be your key contact during the referral process.

We accept direct referrals and referrals that come through the Placements Portal.




Please find below, documents you can download in order to assist you with making a decision to place a Young Person with us.

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What they Say about Us

I couldn’t be happier with the kind care that I received during my stay at Grove House. Staff are all delightful and could not have been nicer. I keep visiting the home and enjoy maintaining the positive relationships I have built over the years at this beautiful home. Thank you to all.
Previous Young Person
A positive culture and ethos in the home has developed, policies have been updated and all the requirements and recommendations from the previous inspection have been met. The home feels welcoming, the staff team is stable, and the children are happy and feel safe.

Extract from Ofsted Report 06/2019

Children’s risk assessments and behaviour management plans are detailed and are updated to reflect changes in risks and strategies. Staff implement the behaviour management strategies, which helps to reduce and manage risk and keep children safe.

Extract from Ofsted Report 06/2019

All staff where very welcoming!

Reg 44 Inspector, Ashleen T.

Very professional and welcoming!

Social Worker, Mark H.

Fantastic experience!

New Staff Member, Simon C.

The staff are professional and appropriately care for the young people, pleasant clean house.

Independent Responsible Officer, Kerry O.

An excellent care home that made my YP who was looking for a new placement smile as soon as he walked in, it’s warm and peaceful with caring staff who provide a safe and loving environment. I would not hesitate to recommend this home. Highly recommended.

Social Worker, Roy B.