Raising the Standard of Care

Specialists in Care, Therapy and Innovation.

Our Purpose

We strive to empower & support our Young People on a day to day basis. ‘Helping Children achieve more’ by building effective and positive Therapeutic Relationships. We aim to deliver service excellence and positive future outcomes for our Young People.

Our Provision

SHS was established in 2015 and is one of the leading Independent Residential Childcare Provider in the West Midlands. We predominately support and accommodate Children and Young People in Care (CYPIC). We care for young people from many different ethnic, cultural backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations or social diversity. At SHS we believe it is essential to work collaboratively and in partnership with the Child/Young Persons Care Team by using a Team Around the Child approach method that includes the Young Person social worker and any other professionals involved in their care.

We understand that many of our Young People have experienced significant trauma and abuse in the early years of their lives and can present with Challenging Behaviours. Therefore, we endeavour to be consistent, non-judgemental and supportive no matter the Young Person’s presentation.

Philosophy & Mission

We operate within the frameworks of the Children’s Act 2004, Children’s Homes regulation 2015, Children and Young Person’s Act 2008, Helping Children Achieve More agenda 2010, and many more Policies. We aim to provide high quality Residential Care for our Young People. Offering them a safe nurturing environment to stabilise, rebuild and enable their roots to grow.

Raising the Standard

of Care

The quality of our service is a direct reflection of the quality and professionalism of our staff team. We offer continuous training and support alongside practice reviews to promote the development and career progression of the staff team.

Our staff team are the foundation that supports the delivery of Person-Centred Care and Positive Behavioural Management.

As a result, we provide them with all the tools they need to work effectively and safely with Children and Young People who present with severe and complex challenges.

What We Offer

Social Worker

At SHS, we understand that although we cannot entirely replicate everyday family life or relationships. We do try our hardest to build secure attachment and relationships within our homes that offer warmth, empathy and acceptance. 
SHS, offers a high level of creative distraction, as well as the ability to engage when Challenging Behaviours present. Our Clinical Psychologist provides psychological support to staff and Children and Young People.


SHS, in partnership with Birmingham City University, will introduce innovative technology in the management of the following services we already specialise in:

· Children of Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
· Children of Criminal Exploitation (CE)
· Drug Trafficking (County Lines)
· Young people with EBD, ASD, ADHD
· Self- harming
· Serious prolonged substance misuse

Young People

SHS helps young people to gain confidence, independence and give them the self-respect to go on and live a healthy life. SHS also helps to encourage social integration into the wider community.

To reduce the negative dynamics associated with Young People living in care, SHS will promote the YP’s health development, education and operate a 24-hour staff rota system with consistency to encourage good relationships.

Our Quality Assurance

SHS is committed to maintaining the highest standards in all areas of its operation. We are OFSTED inspected and regulated, and Reg 44 evaluated. We use formal feedback forms to gain insight into areas of development. Our Provisions use innovative software tools for auditing and quality assurance. We outsource Independent Advocates for our YP’s who do not already have an allocated advocate.

Our Values


At Sherlock Healthcare Services we treat all with warmth, empathy and affection.


We focus on what’s right, not just what is required. Responsibility, accountability and improvability.


We team up for success and lead with dedication and discovery to “Raise the Standard of Care”


We embrace technology, creativity and collaborations to effectively achieve our goals.


What they Say about Us

I couldn’t be happier with the kind care that I received during my stay at Grove House. Staff are all delightful and could not have been nicer. I keep visiting the home and enjoy maintaining the positive relationships I have built over the years at this beautiful home. Thank you to all.
Previous Young Person
A positive culture and ethos in the home has developed, policies have been updated and all the requirements and recommendations from the previous inspection have been met. The home feels welcoming, the staff team is stable, and the children are happy and feel safe.

Extract from Ofsted Report 06/2019

Children’s risk assessments and behaviour management plans are detailed and are updated to reflect changes in risks and strategies. Staff implement the behaviour management strategies, which helps to reduce and manage risk and keep children safe.

Extract from Ofsted Report 06/2019

All staff where very welcoming!

Reg 44 Inspector, Ashleen T.

Very professional and welcoming!

Social Worker, Mark H.

Fantastic experience!

New Staff Member, Simon C.

The staff are professional and appropriately care for the young people, pleasant clean house.

Independent Responsible Officer, Kerry O.

An excellent care home that made my YP who was looking for a new placement smile as soon as he walked in, it’s warm and peaceful with caring staff who provide a safe and loving environment. I would not hesitate to recommend this home. Highly recommended.

Social Worker, Roy B.